It should come as no surprise that when we take CBD oil orally it is not easily absorbed in the body.  We all know that oil and water do not mix.  Absorption of a dense, oil based substance like CBD through a cell wall is a challenge. Tests have shown that only about 10-15% of standard CBD oils taken orally actually gets absorbed by the body.  That's where Verity's liposomal delivery comes in.


By embedding the phytocannabinoids in naturally occurring liposomal phospholipids, absorption rates and bioavailability are greatly improved - up to four times as compared to standard CBD oil.  

All Verity Therapeutics CBD products utilize this liposomal technology for maximum wellness benefit. Liposomal delivery can be a superior alternative to standard CBD oil.


Liposomal Delivery Can Improve:

  • Absorption rates

  • Bioavailability

  • Time to therapeutic effect at lower dose